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Information about Telegram


A chatprogram designed for use on a crossplatform base, having applications for both desktop/laptop, tablet and cellphones/mobile. This application was made available in 2013 and has over the course of its three years in existence gained a steady flow of users, rendering this chatprogram an exponentially growing factor in communications over long distances.

The program functions much like most other chatprograms, with a pleasant user interface, easy to understand setup and a multitude of functions ranging from stickers (customized / personalized emojis) to bot-connection and usage. Some people have even tied Telegram to other programs, such as Second Life inworld chat relays and RSS feeds.

In order to use Telegram, you are required to have a cellphone/mobile, which is used as a single-factor authentication for logins and verification. The account of yours can be accessed from multiple devices, as long as you have your phone at hand to receive the authentication code.

If you wish to get started on Telegram, it’s free of charge and can be found right here

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