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Steam Client

Steam is a mainstreamed multiplatform communications utility with focus on gaming as its primary functions involve gaming but also community grouping as seen in the aspect of chatting, VoIP and group forums inside the client itself. Through Steam, likeminded individuals can be found which suit your taste in regards to gaming and communities and it adds the social points of communication through a general Chat interface, easily accessible even inside the game you’re currently playing through a convenient multifunctional overlay.

Steam is considered free to use, but certain features requires for you to have at least one purchased game (Namely inviting people to be friends with you), likewise you have to gain ‘levels’ in order to add beyond 200 friends, but that comes down to how devoted you wish to be concerning friendslists. People have found the interesting workaround to that limitation by making a separate group for their friends to have a wide network of friends gathered in one place without having to add them to their friendslist.

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