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Wikipedia about Skype


Skype is the first real successor to VoIPhone, one of the first internet calling services which could call normal phones (An allowance of 5 minutes to any fastnet phone in the demo) and revolutionized the VoIP concept by making livecalls between computers and cellphones an actuality with reliance biased to calls whereas to its counterparts at that time (Messenger and its twin programs) were focused primarily on the textular aspect of communication. Being a free program to use (Premium is purchasable still), one could call any other skype client for free with a fairly decent stability and quality and even implemented groupcalls as an actual feature in its programming. One of the core principles of Skype was to provide a base of communication between companies and private individuals without having to fun the costs for anything beyond the internet connection.

Skype webpage for download and informaion

My personal opinion about Skype has changed over the years; For the worse. Initially Skype was a pleasant client to use back before Microsoft took it over. The drain on the CPU power and resources in general was low and the connection was stable, making a call easier to maintain with a higher threshold for dropping calls. However, with the news of Skype being taken over, I began to have my doubts about its functionality in general and its prospect in the future. Sadly, my fears were warranted as it didn’t take long before the quality of the program dropped significantly and again, not long after, ads were implemented. This further served to a general displeasure of using this program from my perspective as the program’s features became more of a strain to my own computers and devices and I found the program to be superseded by programs like Ventrilo, Teamspeak and akin. Thus i sadly no longer can recommend Skype to anyone but the most basic user.

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