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Second Life

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Second Life

Originally intended as a split between a basic chatprogram and later an actual combat simulation client but later revised to be a communitybased platform for meeting likeminded individuals in a 3D interactive world as well as developing new features inworld for a full presentation and immersion into the world of Second Life

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Second life consists of multiple servers which forms the network of simulators (Sims) (The land in SL which at times can be interconnected to form a bigger area of exploration). Secondlife functions on a chatbased interface, utilizing personalisted instant messaging (IMs), main chat (global chat within 10, 20 and 96 ‘meters’ of your avatar) and Voice (A VoIP integrated system in the client).

Signing up to SL (Second Life) is free of charge, and you get a multitude of starter avatars (your representation of your account in SL) at your disposal t pick, choose and mix in between, when you first sign in. You can add as many friends as you like, and likewise, you can join groups of communities that you are interested in, although you are limited to 42 groups (60 if you are a Premium member).

The world of SL is almost as diverse and intricate as the real world, featuring its very own currency, a widespread environment for religious, political and socially oriented themes, sightseeing friendly representations of realworld or innovated wonders and even, if this fancies you, roleplaying possibilities akin to tabletop games, movies or even computergames.

Having been a resident in SL since 2007, I’ve found that the network of friends and more which you can find and form in SL are virtually limitless, but sadly there are also the fair amount of individuals whom for lack of better words are just out to troll, annoy or ‘grief’ you; griefing being the act of making a users or multiple users experience in SL less pleasant through the use of various maliciously coded items.

Security is a topic which is somewhat mixed, as there will be certain areas where LindenLab will not take action, such as the access to Mature and Adult rated sims where themes of offensive nature can be found; ‘offensive’ being relative to ones own personal boundaries. However, accountwise, LindenLab is putting a great deal of work into securing the user’s privacy and maintenance of accounts, even if you are just a basic member.

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